E-Way Bill

After creating an E-Way Bill, what changes are allowed?

Type of Change When Allowed By Whom
Update vehicle details (Part B) Any time when E-Way Bill is Valid Supplier, Transporter, or Recipient
Other changes Never Allowed
Cancel E-Way Bill Within 24 hours Supplier
Reject E-Way Bill Within 72 hours Recipient

Where are the vehicle details of an E-Way Bill entered? Can these details be changed/updated?

The details of the vehicle carrying goods are to be provided in Part B of FORM GST EWB-01. The details of the vehicle can be changed as many times as needed.

Who can change the vehicle details in Part B?

The Supplier, Transporter, or Recipient can update the details of vehicles transporting the goods.

Question: How can one change the vehicle details in Part B?

One can use all the standard methods of creating E-Way Bill such as the Common Portal www.ewaybillgst.gov.in, or by sending SMS, or using the Android mobile application, or using APIs.

Can one correct any mistakes or change other details of an E-Way Bill?

No. An E-Way Bill, once created, cannot be modified. Only the vehicle details can be updated as answered above. No other change is allowed.

What should one do if there have made a mistake while creating an E-Way Bill?

One can Cancel the E-Way Bill and issue a new one. An E-Way Bill can be cancelled only within 24 hours

Can the supplier or transporter reject an E-Way Bill?

No. Only the recipient can reject an E-Way Bill.

Can the validity period of an E-Way Bill be extended?

No. The E-Way Bill automatically expires after its validity period. If the goods have not yet reached their destination, another E-Way bill must be created.

Can an E-Way Bill be deleted?

No. An E-Way Bill can be Cancelled within 24 hours or Rejected within 72 hours. However, it cannot be deleetd