E-Way Bill

Question: After creating an E-Way Bill, what changes are allowed?

Type of Change When Allowed By Whom
Update vehicle details (Part B) Any time when E-Way Bill is Valid Supplier, Transporter, or Recipient
Other changes Never Allowed -
Cancel E-Way Bill Within 24 hours Supplier
Reject E-Way Bill Within 72 hours Recipient

Question: Where are the vehicle details of an E-Way Bill entered? Can these details be changed/updated?

The details of the vehicle carrying goods are to be provided in Part B of FORM GST EWB-01. The details of the vehicle can be changed as many times as needed.

Question: Who can change the vehicle details in Part B?

The Supplier, Transporter, or Recipient can update the details of vehicles transporting the goods.

Question: How can one change the vehicle details in Part B?

One can use all the standard methods of creating E-Way Bill such as the Common Portal, or by sending SMS, or using the Android mobile application, or using APIs.

Question: Can one correct any mistakes or change other details of an E-Way Bill?

No. An E-Way Bill, once created, cannot be modified. Only the vehicle details can be updated as answered above. No other change is allowed.

Question: What should one do if there have made a mistake while creating an E-Way Bill?

One can Cancel the E-Way Bill and issue a new one. An E-Way Bill can be cancelled only within 24 hours

Question: Can the supplier or transporter reject an E-Way Bill?

No. Only the recipient can reject an E-Way Bill.

Question: Can the validity period of an E-Way Bill be extended?

No. The E-Way Bill automatically expires after its validity period. If the goods have not yet reached their destination, another E-Way bill must be created.

Question: Can an E-Way Bill be deleted?

No. An E-Way Bill can be Cancelled within 24 hours or Rejected within 72 hours. However, it cannot be deleetd