Generate E-Way Bill directly from GSTZen

Welcome! GST Zen provides different ways to generate E-Way Bills. In this video, we will generate one for a Sales Invoice from GST Zen’s billing module.

From, GST Zen’s home page open the page of the Tax Payer. There is a link to view our E-Way Bills. Let us generate an E-Way Bill for a Sales Invoice.

In the invoice’s page, there is a button to Generate E-Way Bill. We notice that most of the details for the E-Way Bill are already filled in. We can change these details if needed. Notice that the distance is already calculated for us.

We enter the vehicle number and press the Generate button. The page now shows the details of the E-Way Bill request. We have three options on how we can generate E-Way Bill. 1) Directly from GST Zen. 2) Downloading JSON and uploading it in the Government E-Way Bill portal. 3) Sending SMS message.

Let us generate directly from GST Zen. Only for the first time, we enter our E-Way Bill website username and password. We are now logged in into the government portal. Now, click on the Generate E-Way Bill button. GST Zen sends the request to the Government portal and we have successfully generated a new E-Way Bill. We can perform other operations such as update vehicle details or cancel the E-Way Bill, directly from GST Zen.

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