Optimal Offset Liability Calculator


GSTZen is here to further help you with your Offset Liability in GSTR 3B. With the GST Offset Calculator, you can now automatically calculate the tax to be paid during the GSTR 3B filing.

Introducing GSTZen Offset Calculator to ensure you use the least amount of Cash during your GSTR 3B filing.

The GST Offset Calculator will not only help you in effectively calculating the tax to be paid but also help you ensure that you use minimum Cash while filing your GSTR 3B based on Tables 3.1, 4, and 6.

Filing GSTR 3B through GSTZen

STEP 1 – Download GSTR 1, 2B, and 3B details from the Government Portal.

STEP 2 – Review GSTR 1 and GSTR 2B Reports and Fill your GSTR 3B form.

  • You will notice that GSTZen auto-calculates values based on the GSTR 1 and 2B details downloaded from the government portal.
  • Once you fill the complete form, GSTZen will show the Additional Cash Required to pay during the GSTR 3B filing.

GST Offset Calculator


STEP 3 – Upload your GSTR-3B to the Government Portal

STEP 4 – Create Challan, Make Payment, and File Return

For complete instructions on How to file GSTR 3B through GSTZen, please refer to the article – File GSTR 3B through GSTZen

Filing GSTR 3B on the GST Portal

Filing GSTR 3B through GST Portal and wondering how to offset GSTR 3B, we can help. You may use the GST Offset Calculator to help you calculate the taxes to be paid. GSTZen Offset Liability Calculator will calculate the Cash required to be paid for you based on the values you enter for Tables 3.1, 4, and 6.

  • You may enter the values in the table and GSTZen will display the Additional Cash required to pay out as taxes.

GSTZen Offset Calculator

  • GSTZen also offers an Offline version of the Offset Calculator to help you.