Refund Application


Preparing the JSON for your Inverted Duty Structure Refund Application is the hardest part of the process. GSTZen can now make it easier for you. You may now prepare the JSON using GSTZen’s Refund Application. For creating refund application through GSTZen, refer to the following steps.

Step 1– Select the GSTIN for which refund needs to be filed from your GSTZen Dashboard.

Select GSTIN


Step 2: Select Refund Application

refund application


Step 3 : Click on create new Refund Application

Create new RF


Step 4 : Select the Refund Application Start and End Period. Select the date of application and save the application.

start and end date


Step 4 : Download the GSTR 1 and GSTR 2A/2B for the start to end period of the Refund Application

Our software considers GSTR-2A for ITC invoices dated Jun 30, 2020 and earlier and GSTR-2B for ITC invoices dated Jul 1, 2020 and later.

Download GSTR 1 through GSTZen

Download GSTR 2A through GSTZen

Download GSTR 2B through GSTZen

Step 5 : After you have fetched GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A|2B details from the government portal, download the Excel.

Invoices for RF


Step 6 : Choose invoices for addition in the Refund Application. Provide Y or N in column A of the GSTR-1 and 2A|2B sheets in the Excel. Click on the GSTZen menu in the Excel and upload the details to GSTZen.

save and upload


Step 7 : Click on calculate summary in Step 3 and download the JSON

Refund Summary


Step 8: Upload the JSON in the GST Portal for claiming refund.