Seamless Tally Integration with GSTZen

This article describes how you can seamlessly upload your purchase register into GSTZen. After uploading your purchase register, you can use reconcile your books against invoices uploaded by your vendors present in Form GSTR-2A.

System Requirements

You must have the following software properly configured.

1) Tally EPR 9

If you are reading this article, you are likely running Tally on your computer already. Please make sure that Tally Server is running on Port 9000 of your computer. You can verify and configure Tally's port from the menu Tally Main -> Company Info -> Configuration -> Advanced Configuration.

Configuring Tally ERP-9 Server

2) GSTZen Tally TDL / Add-on

Click here to download GSTZen's Tally TDL / Add-on. Save the downloaded file in your computer. Install the Add-on as shown in the below screenshot.

Install GSTZen Tally Add-on - Step 1

Install GSTZen Tally Add-on - Step 2

3) Google Chrome

GSTZen's integration works only with Google Chrome. For best experience, please download and use the latest version of Google Chrome.

4) GSTZen Chrome Extension

Install GSTZen's Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome App Store. Click here to install the extension.

Installing GSTZen Google Chrome Extension

Installing GSTZen Google Chrome Extension

Steps to upload your Purchase Register.

Follow the steps one by one and you will be able to easily upload your Purchase Register into GSTZen.

Open the Purchase Register Importer

You can open the Purchase Register Importer page by clicking on the button in your GSTIN's page in GSTZen.

Open GSTZen Tally Connector

STEP 0 - Make sure all System requirements are installed.

If you do not have the GSTZen's Chrome extension, your screen will show the following error message. You can click on the button shown in this page and install the extension.

GSTZen Chrome Extension is not installed

If you not running Tally, you will see the following error message. Please make sure that you are running Tally and check again.

Tally Server is not running

STEP 1 - Choose Tally Company

In Tally, open the company whose purchase register you want to import.

Open Company in Tally

GSTZen will connect to Tally and show the name of the active company. If this is the company you want to import data from, click on the Button named "Use this Company".

Choose Company that is open in Tally

STEP 2 - Process Ledger Details

In this page, GSTZen will connect to Tally and obtain details of all your Ledgers. Based on the amount of data that you have, this operation will take a few minutes. You do not have to perform any action. Please wait patiently until this step completed.

Process Tally Ledger Details

Importing the Ledgers is a one time activity. If you are importing data for this Company again, you can skip this step. GSTZen will show that old data is already available and that you can use it.

To use your existing ledger details click on the button "Use Existing Ledger Details" or to get import fresh ledger details, click on the button "Process Ledger Details again".

Use details from existing Ledger Master

STEP 3 - Choose Date Range

In this step, select the date range of Invoices that you want to upload to GSTZen.

Choose date ranges for import

STEP 4 - Downloading Vouchers from Tally

After you have selected the date range, GSTZen will connect to Tally and obtain details of all Vouchers and Journal entries in that date range. Please wait patiently until the operation completes. You do not have to perform any action.

STEP 5 - Processing Invoices

GSTZen will read all your Ledger entries and construct purchase invoices with details such as the Supplier GSTIN, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Taxable value and Tax amounts. GSTZen makes these details available in an Excel file for you to review.

GSTZen is processing your invoices

If everything looks okay, you can confirm and upload these invoices into GSTZen.

View summary of Invoices downloaded from Tally

STEP 6 - Save to GSTZen Purchase Register

After confirmation you will see a confirmation message saying that the upload is successful. You can now view the uploaded invoices in GSTZen's Purchase Register.

Importing the invoices into GSTZen

Success message when upload is successful

View invoices in GSTZen's Purchase Register