Seamless Tally Integration with GSTZen

GSTZen helps you to seamlessly upload your purchase invoice into GSTZen using Tally. You can reconcile your books against invoices uploaded by your vendors present in Form GSTR 2A.

What should you do?

  • Choose the Tally company

  • Process Ledger details

  • Download Vouchers from Tally

  • Process and Save invoices to GSTZen Purchase Register

System Requirements

  • Tally EPR 9

    • Ensure that Tally EPR 9 is installed and running in your computer

    • Tally server need to run on Port 9000 of your computer

    • To configure Tally server to Port 9000, follow the path Tally Main -> Company Info -> Configuration -> Advanced Configuration.

Port Detail

Tally Server Port Configuration

Install GSTZen Tally Add-on - Step 1

TDL Installation

Install GSTZen Tally Add-on - Step 2

TDL Configuration

  • Google Chrome

    • Tally integration with GSTZen will only work on Google Chrome.

  • GSTZen Chrome Extension

    • GSTZen Chrome Extension is a tool that we use to communicate between Tally and GSTZen software.

    • Install GSTZen's Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome App Store.

Add to Chrome

GSTZen Chrome Extension

Adding Chrome Extension

Adding Chrome Extension