GSTR 2A Reconciliation with GSTZen


GSTR 2A reconciliation has never been easier. With options to reconcile through both Excel and Tally, GSTZen will compare and reconcile your Books with Invoices your Suppliers upload in the GST Government Portal. GSTR 2A is a  progressive auto-drafted statement that provides input tax credit (ITC) details to every recipient of supplies, based on the suppliers’ data. It is dynamic, as it changes from day to day, as and when a supplier uploads the documents.

What is the purpose of reconciling GSTR 2A with the purchase register?

The GSTR 2A reconciliation in excel will show all your Invoices and will compare and reconcile your Purchase Register with Invoices uploaded by your Suppliers in the GST Government Portal.

How do I reconcile GSTR 2A with the purchase register in excel?

A common question many of our customers ask is How do you do GST reconciliation?. Through GSTZen, you can reconcile GSTR 2A in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download Supplier Invoice GSTR 2A from the government portal
  2. Upload Purchase Invoice through Excel (OR) Tally
  3. Run GSTZen Intelligent matcher
  4. Download and Review the report

Reconciling GSTR 2A in tally

You may use GSTZen’s Tally Integration to upload purchase invoices into GSTZen. To know how, see the article – GSTR 2A Reconciliation in Tally.

This YouTube video explains how to reconcile GSTR 2A with Purchase Register imported using Tally