Tutorial of GSTR-1 Filing Monthly Ouyward Supply Return

Steps of GSTR-1 Filing Monthly Ouyward Supply Return

STEP 1 - Sign up with GSTZen

How to Sign up with GSTZen

STEP 2 - Login to GSTZen

How to Login to GSTZen

STEP 3 - Add a GSTIN in GSTZen

Click here - How to add a GSTIN to be managed by GSTZen for video presentation

Click on New GSTIN

Enter GSTIN image

Enter GSTIN and Save GSTIN

Click on the GSTIN you added and you will enter the software.

GSTZen GSTIN detail Image

Click on the relevant month for which GSTR-1 return needs to be filed from the Tax Returns Matrix.

GSTR-1 Tax Return matrix

STEP 4 - Upload you Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

Provide GSTZen with information about Sales Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes, and Advances. You can upload them easily using XLS files. GSTZen importer is flexible and can work with data from any accounting software.

Upload Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

TIP :How to Bulk Upload Sales invoices

Upload Sales Invoices Button

TIP :How to Bulk Upload Sales Credit/Debit Notes

Upload credit/debit notes Button

STEP 5 - Enter Previous Turn Over and Documents Issued details

Link to edit the details of Documents Issued

Edit the Documents Issued and Previous Turn Over page

STEP 6 - Enable API Access for that GSTIN in the Government Portal

Login to the Government portal and Download your Purchase invoices, Credit and Debit notes into GSTZen. These are Invoices that your suppliers have uploaded in their GSTR1 return.

Enable API Access link

TIP :How to Enable API on Government Portal

STEP 7 - Upload Invoices to GSTIN

Upload Invoices to GSTIN step

STEP 8 - Download and Verify

Download the data from Portal

Verify the outward summary

STEP 9 - Submit the page

NOTE: Once you submitted cannot changed. So, please check once before you submit

Submit GSTR-1 Return Filing

STEP 10 - Apply digital signature and file

Link to Apply Digital Signature

GSTR-1 Sign and File Tax Return

To know more about detail of GSTR-1 form Click here