JSON to Excel converter – FAQ


What JSON to Excel converters do GSTZen support?

GSTZen has developed various JSON to Excel converters that will help you convert bulk JSON files into Excel format quickly. Here is the list of JSON to Excel online converter GSTZen has to offer:

Normal Taxpayer (JSON To Excel Converters)

Composition Taxpayer

Input Service Distributor

Where can I find these JSON to Excel converters?

  • Visit GSTZen website
  • Click on Useful Tools at the top navigation bar Useful Tools
  • Under JSON To Excel Converters, click to choose the JSON you want to convert

Do I need to extract the Zip file before uploading into the JSON to Excel online converter?

No. The Zip file you download from the government portal can be directly uploaded into GSTZen

How can I convert my JSON to Spreadsheet?

  • Click on Upload or Drag and drop the JSON/Zip file

JSON file upload

  • On the upload page, click on Convert to Excel

Convert to Excel

  • You may download the Excel file from Click here to download your Excel

How does the Excel output look like?

Here’s a screenshot of the output sample from the GSTR 2A JSON to XLSX Converter. Once you open the JSON file in Excel, the spreadsheet has one row per Invoice with columns for the Supplier’s GSTIN number, Supplier’s name, Supplier’s Filing Status, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, and Tax Amounts.


Can I use GSTZen’s JSON to Excel converter offline?

GSTZen’s JSON to XLSX converter is an online tool. No download required; access it using your Web Browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

I used GSTZen’s JSON to Excel converter, but the output was limited to 50 invoices. How do I get the rest of the data?

The free version of GSTZen’s JSON file to Excel converter is limited to 50 records (Invoices, Credit Notes, etc.) in a file.

To download the Excel file with the first 50 records, click on Click here to download partial file – 50 Records only

To convert larger files, click on Click here to signup and download full Excel. You will need to Signup to GSTZen, Log into your account, Add funds and then convert the complete file.


How can I Signup and Login to GSTZen?


How to add funds to your GSTZen Wallet?

GSTZen supports all major Credit and Debit cards, Net banking from all Major banks, UPI, and Private Wallets. Read our article on – Adding funds to your GSTZen wallet for more details. Don’t feel like reading through an article? This video will also explain how you may Add funds to your GSTZen account.

What is the price of the GSTZen’s JSON to Excel conversion software?

GSTZen’s JSON to XLS converters are available online for all customers to use, free of cost. GSTZen only charges customers for the actual JSON to Excel conversion.

JSON to XLS Converter is free for the first 50 records in a JSON file. Minimum conversion amount for upto 500 records is Rupees 40. Additional records (beyond 500) are charged at 2 paise per record. For example, the cost to convert a JSON file with 325 records is Rupees 40 and for 750 records is Rupees 45.

Num. Records In Words Conversion Cost()
50 Fifty Zero
500 Five hundred 40.00
1,000 One Thousand 50.00
5,000 Five Thousand 130.00
10,000 Ten Thousand 230.00
50,000 Fifty Thousand 1030.00
1,00,000 One Lakh 2030.00

Do I have to pay before converting a JSON file?

Yes. GSTZen uses a pre-pay model. Any amount that you pay gets added to your GSTZen Wallet. Every time you convert a JSON file, GSTZen deducts from your Wallet balance.

How much should I pay?

The minimum payment amount is Rupee 40 (GST additional). You can add as little or as much as you want based on your expected usage.

Add funds to GSTZen

I’m unable to find my preferred payment method. What can I do?

We support all major Credit and Debit cards, Net banking from all Major banks, UPI, and Private Wallets. If you are unable to pay using one of these methods, please get in touch with us. We can accept NEFT/RTGS payments to our bank account.

When will I receive an Invoice for my payment?

GSTZen issues Tax Invoices against each payment. In cases where you have provided your GST number, we issue a B2B Invoice. If there is no GST number registered for invoicing, we issue a B2C Invoice.

You would receive the Invoice to your registered email address the same day you make the payment. Should there be a delay, we guarantee the receipt of the Invoice within 2 working days.

How long do funds remain in the GSTZen wallet?

Any amount added to your GSTZen wallet is valid for 1 year.

Where can I view my GSTZen Wallet Balance?

You can view your GSTZen wallet balance on your GSTZen Billing page. Please see article – Check GSTZen wallet balance


The output of GSTZen’s JSON to excel converter does not match the output shown in the Government portal. Is GSTZen’s JSON file to Excel converter incorrect?

Our Converter’s output is correct. The usual explanation for the difference is that the file you are converting is old. Please check your file name and make sure that the file was generated recently.

For example, if your file name starts with returns_26042018_R2A it was generated on 26-Apr-2018. Even though you might have downloaded your file today, it might have been generated a long time ago.