Download filed GSTR 9 from govt portal - Step 1 of filing GSTR 9C

You will log into the government portal and GSTZen will download your GSTR-9 from government portal.

  1. On the GSTZen homepage, click on GSTR-9C - 2017-18

  2. Click on Login to GST Government Portal with OTP

  3. Enter your GSTN portal username and click on Confirm GSTN Portal username and request OTP

  4. Enter the OTP and click on Login with OTP

  5. Click on Download

  6. Click on Yes, Download data

Select the Financial Year

Your GSTZen home page where you will find the link to file your GSTR-9C

Step -1 Download detail image

Download your GSTR-9 from government portal

GSTR-9C Form

The PDF shows filed GSTR-9 information for your reference.