Fill GSTR 9C form and Auditor Certification - Step 2 of filing GSTR 9C

Fill in your reconciled tax information for GSTR-9C

Method 1: Fill Manually

  • Click on Fill under Part A - View and fill the GSTR-9C Report to fill GSTR-9C

  • Enter your tax information and reasons for un-reconciled differences in Tabs 5 through 16

  • Click on Save Form

  • Click on Fill under Part B - GSTR-9C Certification to complete GSTR-9C Certification

  • Choose appropriate certification type and fill in auditor information

  • Click on Save GSTR-9C Part B (Certification)

Method 2: Upload JSON

  • Click on Upload GSTR-9C JSON file

  • Click on Browse and choose the JSON file

  • Click on Upload GSTR-9C


Fill the GSTR-9C form

Step-2 Fill GSTR-9C Form detail image

Sample of a filled GSTR-9C form

Part B - GSTR-9C Certification

Fill in TaxPayer information