Generate E-Invoice API

Do you want an API to generate E-Invoices? You are in the right place.

The Government of India through the National Informatics Center (NIC) has provided taxpayers with Application Programming Interface (API) for generating E-Invoices. The Government allows direct access to the APIs only for taxpayers with annual aggregate turnover above Rs 500 Crore. Other taxpayers have to g through registered GSP and ERP providers. GSTZen is a registered ERP and provides simple easy to use APIs on top of the Government’s APIs. Using GSTZen, you can get started and generate E-Invoices in minutes.

Getting started to use GSTZen’s E-Invoice APIs


Sandbox GSTINs and Credentials

To help you get started quickly, you may use the following demo GSTINs. For all these GSTINs pass the HTTP header field named Token with token value as de3a3a01-273a-4a81-8b75-13fe37f14dc6

  • 01AADCG4992P1Z7 – JK
  • 03AADCG4992P1Z3 – PB
  • 04AADCG4992P1Z1 – CH
  • 05AADCG4992P1ZZ – UA
  • 06AADCG4992P1ZX – HR
  • 07AADCG4992P1ZV – DL
  • 08AADCG4992P1ZT – RJ
  • 09AADCG4992P1ZR – UP
  • 10AADCG4992P1Z8 – BR
  • 18AADCG4992P1ZS – AS
  • 19AADCG4992P1ZQ – WB
  • 20AADCG4992P1Z7 – JH
  • 21AADCG4992P1Z5 – OR
  • 22AADCG4992P1Z3 – CG
  • 23AADCG4992P1Z1 – MP
  • 24AADCG4992P1ZZ – GJ
  • 27AADCG4992P1ZT – MH
  • 29AADCG4992P1ZP – KA
  • 30AADCG4992P1Z6 – GA
  • 32AADCG4992P1Z2 – KL
  • 33AADCG4992P1Z0 – TN
  • 36AADCG4992P1ZU – TS
  • 37AADCG4992P2ZR – AP

Generating E-Invoices through APIs on Production (Going live)

After you have completed your testing and are ready to go live, complete the following steps