GST Council Meetings



MeetingsDate of MeetingAgendaMinutes
52nd GST Council Meeting7th October 2023press release
51st GST Council Meeting2nd August 2023Detailed Agenda Note-51st GSTCMMinutes of 51st GST Council Meeting
50th GST Council Meeting11th July 2023Detailed Agenda Note Volume I-50th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Note Volume II-50th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Note Volume III-50th GSTCM

AnnexureB toAgenda7 Volume-I 50 GSTCM

Part of Annexur A Agenda Item 1(For Agenda_Volume-II)

Annexure to the Agenda Item 5 Volume-I 50th GSTCM Report of GoM on Casino


Minutes of 50th GST Council Meeting
49th GST Council Meeting18th  Feb 2023Detailed Agenda note vol -1 49th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda note vol-2 49th GSTCM

Draft model All India GST audit Manual Amended

Minutes of 49th GST Council Meeting
48th GST Council Meeting17th December 2022Detailed Agenda note vol -1 48th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda note vol-2 48th GSTCM

Minutes of 48th GST Council Meeting
47th GST Council Meeting28th & 29th June 2022Detailed Agenda note vol -1

Detailed Agenda note vol-2

Detailed Agenda note vol-3

Detailed Agenda note vol-4

Detailed Agenda note vol-5

Minutes of 47th GST Council Meeting
46th GST Council Meeting31st Dec 2021Detailed Agenda noteMinutes of 46th GST Council Meeting
45th GST Council Meeting17th Sep 2021Detailed Agenda45th GSTCM note vol-1

Detailed Agenda note 45th GSTCM vol-2

Detailed Agenda note45th GSTCM vol-3

Minutes of 45th GST Council Meeting
44th GST Council Meeting12th June 2021Detailed AgendaMinutes of 44th GST Council Meeting
43rd GST Council Meeting28th May 202143rd GSTCM vol-1

43rdGSTCM vol-2

43rd GSTCM vol-3

43rd GSTCM vol-4


Minutes of 43rd GST Council Meeting
42nd GST Council Meeting5th & 12th Oct 2020Detailed Agenda vol-1

Detailed Agenda vol-2

Detailed Agenda vol-3

Detailed Agenda vol-4

Detailed Agenda vol-5

Minutes of 42nd GST Council Meeting
41st GST Council Meeting27th Aug 2020Detailed Agenda 41st GSTCM vol-1


Minutes of 41st GST Council Meeting
40th GST Council Meeting12th June 2020Detailed Agenda 40th GSTCM vol-1

Detailed Agenda 40th GSTCM vol-2

Detailed Agenda 40th GSTCM vol-3

Detailed Agenda 40th GSTCM vol-4


Minutes of 40th GST Council Meeting
39th GST Council Meeting14th March 2020Detailed Agenda vol-1

Detailed Agenda vol-2

Detailed Agenda vol-3



Minutes of 39th GST Council Meeting
38th GST Council Meeting18th Dec 2019Detailed Agenda vol-1

Detailed Agenda vol-2



Minutes of 38th GST Council Meeting
37th GST Council Meeting20th Sep 201937thGSTCM-VOL1 



Agenda 10.1Co0 risk based

Agenda item 16.1- minutes of 12th meet


Minutes of 37th GST Council Meeting
36th GST Council Meeting27th July 2019Detailed Agenda note-36th GSTCM

Additional Agenda Note-36th GSTCM

Minutes of 36th GST Council Meeting
35th GST Council Meeting21st June 2019Detailed Agenda note-35th GSTCM

Agenda item13(i)

Minutes of 35th GST Council Meeting
34th GST Council Meeting19th Mar 2019Detailed Agenda note-34th GSTCMMinutes of 34th GST Council Meeting
33rd GST Council Meeting20th & 24th Feb 2019Detailed Agenda note-33rd GSTCM

Additional Agenda for 33rd GSTCM

Addendum to Agenda item 5 of 33rd  GSTCM

Minutes of 33rd GST Council Meeting
32nd GST Council Meeting10th Jan 2019Detailed Agenda note-32nd GSTCM vol-1

Additional Agenda for 32ND GSTCM vol-2


Minutes of 32nd GST Council Meeting
31st GST Council Meeting22nd Dec 2018Detailed Agenda note-31st GSTCM vol-1

Detailed Agenda note-31st GSTCM vol-2

Detailed Agenda note-31st GSTCM vol-3

Agenda item 12(iv) table Agenda increase in threshold

Agenda item 12(iv) table Agenda GST on lottery

Revised Annexure-V

Withdrawal of Agenda

Minutes of 31st GST Council Meeting
30th GST Council Meeting28th Sep 2018Detailed Agenda note-30th GSTCM

Additional Agenda for 30th GSTCM


Minutes of 30th GST Council Meeting
29th GST Council Meeting04th Aug 2018Detailed Agenda note- vol-1 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda note- vol-2 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda note- vol-3 29th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda note- vol-4 29th GSTCM

Table Agenda- Proposal to withdraw amendment


Minutes of 29th GST Council Meeting
28th GST Council Meeting21st Jul 2018Detailed Agenda note-28th GSTCM vol-1

Detailed Agenda note-28th GSTCM vol-2

Detailed Agenda note-28th GSTCM vol-3

Minutes of 28th GST Council Meeting
27th GST Council Meeting04th May 2018Detailed Agenda note-27th GSTCM vol-1

Addendum to Agenda item 8

Minutes of 27th GST Council Meeting
26th GST Council Meeting10th Mar 2018Detailed Agenda note-26th GSTCM vol-1

Additional Agenda items 26th GSTCM

Minutes of 26th GST Council Meeting
25th GST Council Meeting18th Jan 2018Detailed Agenda note-25th GSTCM vol-1

Detailed Agenda note-25th GSTCM vol-2

Detailed Agenda note-25th GSTCM vol-3

Detailed Agenda note-25th GSTCM vol-4

Minutes of 25th GST Council Meeting
24th GST Council Meeting16th Dec 2017Detailed Agenda

Agenda item 3(1)-Refund of provisionally accepted ITC

Minutes of 24th GST Council Meeting
23rd GST Council Meeting10th Nov 2017Detailed Agenda Note 23rd GSTCMMinutes of 23rd GST Council Meeting
22nd GST Council Meeting06th Oct 2017Detailed Agenda

Additional Agenda

Table Agenda Note No.1

Table Agenda Note No.2

Minutes of 22nd GST Council Meeting
21st GST Council Meeting09th Sep 2017Detailed Agenda Note 21st GSTCM



Minutes of 21st GST Council Meeting
20th GST Council Meeting05th Aug 2017Detailed Agenda Notes 1 -20th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Notes 2-20th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Notes 3-20th GSTCM

Detailed Agenda Notes 4-20th GSTCM



Minutes of 20th GST Council Meeting
19th GST Council Meeting17th Jul 2017Agenda Item 1-Confirmation of the  Minutes of  18th GST Council Meeting

Agenda Item 2 Change in rate of Compensation Cess


Minutes of 19th GST Council Meeting
18th GST Council Meeting30th Jun 2017Detailed Agenda Notes-18th GSTC meeting

Additional Agenda 1-IGST Rules

Additional Agenda 2-GST on Transportation of Goods from outside India to Customs

Refund Formats Clean-2017.06.29

Table Agenda-Amendments of CGST Rules

Table Agenda-High Sea Sales

Minutes of  the 18th GST Council Meeting
17th GST Council Meeting18th Jun 2017Detailed Agenda Notes- 17th GSTCM 

Additional Agenda-Authorization of Banks for GST payment

Additional Agenda-Return Filing Issues

Minutes of  the 17th GST Council Meeting
16th GST Council Meeting11th Jun 2017Detailed Agenda Notes-16th GSTC Meeting

Agenda Note 3 -Addendum on IGST Exemption and GST Rate for job work Services

Minutes of 16th GST Council Meeting
15th GST Council Meeting03rd Jun 2017Detailed Agenda Notes 1-15th GSTC Meeting

Detailed Agenda Notes 2-15th GSTC Meeting


Minutes of 15th GST Council Meeting
14th GST Council Meeting18th & 19th May 2017Detailed Agenda Notes 1-14th GSTC Meeting

Detailed Agenda Notes 2A-14th GSTC Meeting

Detailed Agenda Notes 2B-14th GSTC Meeting

Agenda Item 9-14th GST Council Meeting


Minutes of 14th GST Council Meeting
13th GST Council Meeting31st Mar 2017Agenda Item 1-Draft Minutes of the 12th GST Council Meeting

Agenda Item 2(1)-Invoice Rules

Agenda Item 2(1)-Payment Rules

Agenda Item 2(1)-Refund Rules

Agenda Item 2(1)-Registration Rules

Agenda Item 2(1)-Return Rules

Agenda Item 2(2)-Composition Rules

Agenda Item 2(2)-ITC Rules

Agenda Item 2(2)-Transition Rules

Agenda Item 2(2)-Valuation Rules



Minutes of 13th GST Council Meeting
12th GST Council Meeting16th March 2017Additional Agenda Item 1-GST Compensation Bill-Approval of Ceiling rate of Cess & Some Consequential Changes

Additional Agenda item 2-Seamless Freight Movement

Agenda Item 1-Final draft Minutes of the 11th GST Council Meeting

Agenda Item 2-Draft SGST Law-2017-03-10

Agenda Item 3- Draft UTGST Law-2017-03-10

Minutes of 12th GST Council Meeting
11th GST Council Meeting4th Mar 2017Additional Agenda Item-Agenda Note for GSTN on e-way Bill for 11th meeting of GST Council

Agenda Item 1-Draft Minutes -10th GST Council Meeting

Agenda Item 2-CGST Law New -Old Sections Final Index

Agenda Item 2-Vetted Draft CGST Law



Agenda Item 3-Vetted Draft IGST Law

Minutes of  the 11th GST Council Meeting
10th GST Council Meeting18th Feb 2017Agenda Item 1-Draft Minutes of the 9th GST Council Meeting

Agenda Item 2-Draft GST Compensation Bill

Agenda Item 3-Changes in Model  GST Law as per GST Council Suggestions

Minutes of 12th GST Council Meeting