Steps to Upload Sales/Purchase Register into GSTZen

Note - The steps in this article describes how to upload Purchase Invoices into GSTZen. The procedure holds good for uploading Sales Invoices as well.

  • Click on Purchase Invoices

Upload invoice

  • Click on Upload Purchase Invoices XLS File

Upload invoice into GSTZen

  • Choose the file you would like to upload and choose the XLS Data Format


XLS Data Format 1 - When the Excel file contains 1 XLS row for each Invoice line item or tax rate

XLS Data Format 2 - If all tax rates of an Invoice are in the same XLS row

  • Click on Upload Purchase Invoices XLS file

Upload invoice XLS

  • Map the columns in the excel sheet to the fields in GSTZen.
  • Click on Process file upload

Invoice column mapping

  • GSTZen will display a summary of the imported Invoices. Once you make sure that the summary matches your input file, click on Confirm and Save Invoices