How to Upload Sales and Purchase Register into GSTZen

One of GSTZen's most used feature is GSTR 2A reconciliation with Purchase register and Filing GST Returns. To ease the invoice upload process, GSTZen supports bulk upload of your Excel files containing Invoices from your Accounting or ERP Software.

Procedure to upload Sales and Purchase register into GSTZen

Sample Invoice format - You may use GSTZenā€™s sample files as a starting point or directly download XLSX output from your Accounting or ERP Software and upload it into GSTZen.

Column Mapping - GSTZen recognizes the columns in the file you uploaded and asks you to match columns in your file with the fields in GSTZen. This way, you can upload your file as it is without making any changes. Also, GSTZen saves the mapping, so that you do not go through this step the next time.

Sample files explain all fields in detail and specify which fields are required. GSTZen has separate uploaders for the following types of Documents.

Here's a video showing how to import Invoices into GSTZen.

Helpful tips

By following these steps you can make sure that your Invoice upload is smooth.

  1. Ensure that the Excel file is in XLSX file format.
  2. Make sure that all GSTIN numbers in the file are valid. You may use GSTZen's GSTIN validator to check all your GSTINs in one go.
  3. All Invoice Numbers have to be in the approved format. According to CGST Rule 46, Invoice Numbers can only contain numbers 0-9, letters A-Z, special characters "-" (dash) or slash "/". The maximum size of an Invoice number is 16 characters. Remove spaces, special characters from your Invoice numbers before uploading your file.