Troubleshooting Invoice upload errors

Not a valid (Microsoft Excel) XLSX file

Not a valid (Microsoft Excel) XLSX file Image

Please ensure that the Excel file is in XLSX format. Choose Save as Excel Workbook when saving the Excel file.

Tax Rate - This field should not be provided

Tax Rate error

Please provide only GST Tax Rate or Tax Amounts. Choose either Method 1 or 2 as shown and not both.

Important - In the section Fields for Invoice line item Tax rates, choose one of the two options

  1. Map only the GST Tax Rate % field (OR)

  2. Map IGST Rate %, IGST Amount, CGST Rate %, CGST Amount, SGST Rate %, SGST Amount

Invoice number is seen more than one time in the input file

Invoice Number appearing more than once error image

You will see the error message shown above if you have multiple line items that are not grouped together.

GSTZen allows multiple line items in an Invoice. However, please note that these line items are next to each other in the input file.

IGST/SGST/CGST Amount should not be present for this Invoice

IGST/SGST/CGST Amount should not be present for this Invoice error image

This error occurs when the user has provide IGST details for an intra-state Invoice or CGST/SGST details for an inter-state Invoice. This error occurs if the user mentions incorrect (OR) No Place of Supply for these invoices.

Place of Supply is a legal concept defined in Chapter V of the IGST Act. Place of Supply is usually the state of the recipient tax payer and could be different from the state where goods are delivered. For more information refer to this article about Place of Supply

Total Taxable Amount is correct, but Total Tax Amount is incorrect

Invoice summary success image

We have noticed that users complain that the Total Taxable Amount matches between GSTZen and user data. However, the Tax Amount totals in their file do not match the total calculated by GSTZen. This usually happens when the users count intra-state invoices as inter-state and inter-state invoices as intra-state.

Invoice already present, but with a different date

Invoice already present

This error occurs if the invoice you are trying to upload is already available in GSTZen portal. This could happen in instances such as Invoice date format is different or incorrect, Invoice number is incorrect, etc.

GSTZen will display the Row Number which is the source of the issue. Make required changes to either the invoice in GSTZen server or the new invoice you are tying to upload.

Supplier and Recipient GSTIN numbers must be different

Same GSTIN error

While uploading an invoice, the GST number cannot be same for both the Supplier and the Recipient.

Please identify the Row Number in which this invoice is saved in your excel file and either Remove or Correct the GSTIN in the specific invoice