Prepare GSTR4 Return through Offline Tool

Let us take an example where you need to prepare the GSTR4 return for the Financial Year 2018-19 and Return Filing Period as Apr-Jun on the GST Portal using the GSTR4 Offline Tool. To prepare the GSTR4 Return, you need to perform following steps:

Prepare GSTR4 Image

  1. Enter details in the GSTR4 worksheet of GSTR4 Return Tool

  2. Validate the details entered using ‘validate sheet’ button.

  3. Generate JSON (.json) file using ‘Generate JSON File to upload.

  4. Upload the generated JSON on GST Portal. Preview the details uploaded, submit, offset liability and File return on the GST Portal. ad the generated JSON on GST Portal.

  5. Open Downloaded Return File for GSTR4

  6. Filing of GSTR4

The above mentioned steps will be explained in detail