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How to use the GSTZen Reconciliation Report

GSTZen will colour code the reconciliation report for your convenience:

  • Yellow - Invoice present in GSTZen but not uploaded to Government Portal by Supplier
  • Blue - Invoice uploaded to Government Portal by Supplier but missing in GSTZen
  • Red - Difference (> 10 Rupees) between data in Government Portal and GSTZen
  • Green - Invoice values in Government Portal and GSTZen match

Reconciliation colour code

GSTZen Intelligent Matcher Colour Code

GSTZen will show how strong the Invoice match is:

  • Exact match - All data points are at an exact match

Exact Match

GSTZen Intelligent Matcher - Exact Match

  • Strong match - In this example, all data points match except for the minimal difference in the amount between Books and Government Portal

Strong Match

GSTZen Intelligent Matcher - Strong Match

  • Weak match - In this example, the Invoices are matched though the Invoice numbers and Amount are not an exact match

Weak Match

GSTZen Intelligent Matcher - Weak Match