Report E-invoice to GSTN – FAQ

1. Will the electronic invoice which is uploaded on GST portal be authenticated and IRN be allocated for each e-invoices generated?

  • Yes, the e-invoice will be authenticated with the digital signature of the IRP (invoice registration portal).

  • IRN (Invoice Reference Number) will be the hash generated by the IRP.

  • The registered invoice will be valid to be used by the business.

2. Will it be possible for bulk uploading of invoices for e-invoicing as well?

  • Invoices have to be uploaded on IRP one at a time.

  • The IRP will be able to handle a large sequence of invoices for registration and validate them. Essentially bulk upload will be required by large taxpayers who generate large number of invoices. Their ERP or accounting system will have to be designed in such a way that it makes request one by one. For the user, it will not make any difference.

3. Will the requirement for such invoices to be authenticated by the supplier using a digital signature/signature be done away with?

  • The seller will need to upload the e-invoice into the Invoice Registration Portal.

  • The signing of e-invoice by seller is not mandatory.

4. Will there be a time limit for e-invoice uploading for registration?

  • Yes, that will be notified by the Government. Without registration of e-invoice the same will not be valid. Required changes will be made in the law.

  • Once uploaded to the invoice registration portal (IRP), it will be registered immediately, on real-time basis.

5. Will it be possible to allow invoices that are registered on invoice registration system/portal to be downloaded and/or saved on handheld devices?

  • Yes, IRP System after registering the invoice, will share back digitally signed einvoice for record of supplier. It will also be sent to the email address of recipient provided in the e-invoice.

6. Will it be possible to print the e-invoice?

  • Yes, it will be possible for both the seller as well as the buyer to print the invoice, using the QR code as well as signed e-invoice returned by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).